Porous Lemon Sticks (1 Doz.)

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A Giambri's hand-pulled lemon stick is a lemon-flavored hard candy rod with a porous center, which serves great as a straw for fresh lemon juice. As you sip on the stick, the candy and lemon juice mix to create a sweet treat. You can even try your lemon stick as a straw in a glass of iced tea or your favorite drink! Lemon sticks are a summertime favorite, but make a great treat anytime.

Giambri's lemon sticks have been featured in The New York Times and Philadelphia Magazine, among other publications. Official Lemon Stick of the Devon Horse Show!

Approximate Length: 3.75" | Because our candy sticks are handmade, size and color may vary slightly. Lemons not included.


sugar, corn syrup, natural oil of lemon flavor, citric acid, artificial yellow color (FD&C Yellow #5)